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Sarah Bryden-Brown, our Founder & CEO, saw a gap between makers & tastemakers. And then she found a way to connect the dots... GREAT.LY.

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"Tastemakers are a powerful force online, motivating the purchasing habits of millions of people worldwide daily, yet no one has made them central to an online shopping site where makers go to sell their fabulous products. GREAT.LY is an ecommerce platform that will leverage the audiences of tastemakers to drive sales for the maker economy. It is a simple WIN-WIN situation." ~ SARAH BRYDEN-BROWN, FOUNDER/CEO

The greatly team

Really global roots

Replanted in NYC

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Griff Fairbairn

Head of Operations

London > New York

In the olden days, Griff was a financial journalist in London, but after moving to New York City with her family five years ago, she has segued into online strategy.

GREAT.LY is the second business on which she has worked with Sarah Bryden-Brown.


Griff loves pink. Everything & anything that's pink... but a beautiful vibrant or rosy soft pink. Not salmon. Of course.

Flora Lels

Chief Revenue Officer

Paris > San Francisco > New York

Flora is an experienced digital marketing executive with over 12 years packaging, marketing and selling integrated advertising solutions. Most recently, Flora spent almost six years at Federated Media. She led partnerships and business development as VP of Publisher Services where she managed and oversaw relationships with Federated Media's portfolio of top-notch publisher talent.


Flora has a thing for indie made jewelry. AND wall art... hm, a jewelry / art installation perhaps?


Danielle Krysa

Creative Director

Canada > New York
[Via Skype!]

Danielle was born in Vancouver and has lived all over Canada. She studied fine art in Victoria, and then design in Toronto. She has been working as a designer / creative director for over 16 years, some of which she spent in advertising agencies, but she now specializes in branding. Danielle is a published author, and the blogger behind - so, not only is she our creative director, she’s also one of our GREAT.LY tastemakers!

Danielle loves art of any kind, but her favorite is collage. And painting. And printmaking. And textiles. And drawing.


Sarah Bryden-Brown

Founder & CEO

Sydney > New York

Sarah has been a newspaper reporter and editor (The Australian), magazine editor (donna hay and Family Circle), author (The Lost Art of Childhood, Random House, and Dad and Me, Harper Collins), before ditching old media for new when she joined the online start-up, which sold to News Corp. Following Kidpsot she moved to New York to become VP Content and Community for, which sold to Disney. Following Babble she launched Blogstar, a database of 650 bloggers

Sarah has a GORGEOUS collection of ceramics that she loves so much... and, she has a great story for every single piece!